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If you’re looking for fun and a little counter-culture, come to Little 5 Points, a “bohemian jewel” just outside Atlanta.

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The Homebodies in L5P

Posted: June 17, 2010 by Joanne Morton in video
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If you want to get a glimpse of who and what is in Little Five Points, we ran across this creative video on You Tube. (don’t you just love You Tube!!) This video was made by The Homebodies — and they live in Little Five Points!

Photos of the people and places of Little Five Points. Atlanta, GA. All photos from 2009

Here is one of their comments!!

1 month ago
Little 5 points´╗┐ Atlanta, my far one my favorite places on Earth, its so much cutture and life. Only place in atlanta where the good, the bad and the ugly meet respectfully eye to eye. i have been gone for about 2years, but this place is biggest reason why i am ready to move back. i miss zestos and l5p pizza(the best calzone’s ever,prove me wrong) check out my boi cipher kenni,my good friend and wonderful hiphop artist. dis is Meech and i;ll c yall soon