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Atlanta Belly Dance Curriculum
Learn how to Bellydance

3 locations in Atlanta, including Little Five Points
1394 McLendon Ave NE,
Atlanta GA 30307
between Downtown & Decatur, just north of I-20

Atlanta Belly Dance LLC, home of the Nazeem Allayl Dancers, is the largest belly dance studio in the south-eastern United States. Based in Metro Atlanta in three locations, we offer women-only classes taught by women. All our instructors were trained by our founder, Schadia, who has been teaching in Atlanta since 1999. See our dancers perform in Metro area restaurants, or perform yourself in one of our many studio shows or haflas (belly dance party). The best place to learn how to belly dance, or simply get a workout bellydancing and have a good time.

Where to begin? Start with a Middle Eastern Belly Dance beginner choreography class: Each six week course teaches you about 20 moves, then puts them in sequence to form one simple dance. After a few courses, you can start performing in shows and advance to the intermediate level for more complex dances. The pay-as-you-go belly dance workout classes will give you a taste of belly dance while also giving you a great workout. They will introduce you to our studios, and accommodate irregular work schedules.

Combination courses are great for beginners that want to learn belly dance moves, and for more advanced students that want to focus on a particular style of belly dance. Many are therefore “mixed level”, where the instructor teaches basic technique and offers variations that more advanced students can incorporate in their dance.



Little Five Points is home to many artists and we are excited to start our Artist Spotlight posts with Angie Wehunt!!

“Angie Wehunt, a lifelong practitioner of the creative arts, now shares her indomitable spirit and generosity through her paintings. Exuberant hearts and curvaceous nudes dance across her canvases, each one a festival of color. This self-taught artist revels in improvisation and the exploration of color, frequently embracing reds for the brightness (“like a neon sign”), happiness (“like a balloon”) and deliciousness (“like cherries”) they impart. Ms. Wehunt is a treasured member of Atlanta’s creative community and to enjoy one of her paintings is to receive a gift of the hopefulness, gladness, romance, and merriment with which she approaches each day.”

writes, Allison G. Dixon

Angie is on the 4th Friday Art Walk committee and a participating member “At The Collective”, an artist co-op on Elizabeth Street in Inman Park. We look forward to seeing more of her art work online and off!

To purchase her paintings – visit